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EZTee® Tee Lines & Hitting Mats

STI has been the chosen provider for 17 U.S. Open host courses and dozens of others among the top 100 world in the world.

Our Tee line turf is the number one choice in Tee Line Materials nationwide and has become a mainstay at many golf courses around the world, due to the high-quality performance and extremely low maintenance of the turf. Similar in look, feel, and performance of natural grass, our EZTee® tee lines offer the ability to keep your driving ranges open and longer in colder climates, while your natural grass is closed for the winter months. In addition, EZTee® permits continuous use, eliminating the need to relocate and reseed driving range areas. Elevate the look of your course and game, while saving money. Practice with the best the industry has to offer.

Photos of beautiful Bemidji Town & Country Club!

We are your Professional STI Tee Line installers!

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